Blog Marketing

What is blog marketing?

Blog marketing has become an important part of the media mix. Blogs are read regularly by millions of people because of their excellent indexation by Google. Instead of replacing blogging, social media rather boosted it, allowing bloggers to develop their reach and federate. Therefore, the importance of blogs has been growing steadily in the marketing strategy of businesses.

In addition to marketing products and services, high quality and engaging content on blogs allow you to connect with the target group you want to reach out to. However, the current blogosphere has become so diverse and unorganized, that it becomes increasingly difficult to identify and get in touch with the nifluencers you are interested collaborating with. Once you've achieved that, you still have to negotiate the publication terms, the conditions... etc. This represents a huge time investment. blogmission allows you to optimize this process and stop wasting the efforts you surely need elsewhere!

Requirements for Blog Marketing

The most important principles for an efficient blog marketing strategy are:

  • Set your golas: Much like every marketing initiative, the first step consists in defining objectives. Do you want to build brand awareness? Increase sales? Get feedback about your product from a certain group of customers? You can only plan your blog marketing actions efficiently if you are aware of who you want to connect with. Web analytics and other online marketing tools will help to find the right keywords for your communication.
  • Blogposts written by bloggers: We advise you to trust the blogger and let him or her handle the editing of the post. This way, you benefit from their feedback, their point of view and fresh input for other marketing initiatives. The fresh, new style of a blogger could be much more valuable than you think and provide new creative material for your editorial strategy.
  • It's all about the briefing: The clearer and detailed the briefing transmitted to the the blogger is, the more you will benefit from a content creation you are looking for in order to achieve your goals.