Blogs and online magazines have steadily grown in importance and influence in the media landscape. Placing information about your products and services on relevant sites with relevant content won't only get you more traffic, but also one that is better in quality and it ultimately improves your ranking on the SERPs.

Blogposts are therefore becoming increasingly popular for these purposes, all the more since there are blogs and online magazines dealing with every imaginable topic, fed by passionate publishers with their own audience.

Posts in blogs become highly demanded to feature information as the blogosphere consists of passionate bloggers who write for their own sake and motivation. Bloggers assure great readerships and circulations within all social media channels.

Within a few minutes, you can set up a campaign and define your criteria for it: type of link, minimum reach and metrics, topics etc. Once the publishers have applied to your campaign, you then just have to pick out those which are most relevant for your project and you can contact them with one click and send your request. All payments are unique.

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