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As a PR-, Marketing or Social Media consultant / agency, you know about the importance of quality content and seeding. Thanks to blogmission, you have access to thousands of blogs and online magazines and broadcast the content, benefiting the social reach of these influencers.

Thanks to these blogs, blogmission allows you to access complementary influencers to traditionnal media and you'll be astonished by their impact on your campaign. We willing to make the bet that you will find exactly what is right for you, since a variety of topics are picked up by the blogosphere!

Use our campaign function to post your project and select the categories you'd like to address. The more precise you will be in your description, the more accurate the outreach action will be. Specify details for bloggers to address requirements e.g. to copy text excerpts from your PR briefings and make it accessible for a post, or deliver images and additional content.

Publishers will apply for your campaign and you will have access to a list of sites which you can choose from to formulate your publication request. The prices with different options are transparent. All bookings are unique payments. This way, you will not only be able to access a qualitative and relevant content broadcasting method, you also benefit from positive Search Engine and SOcial Media effects.

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