Video Seeding

There is no need to explain the impact of video advertising in the realm of digital marketing, we think you know all about it. However, we would like to emphasize a fundamental difference in comparison with other video seeding and broadcasting methods on blogmission.

In most cases, videos are broadcasted on a CPM (impressions) or CPC basis (per clicks). blogmission allows you to place your video permanently in a blogpost, as a “standalone,” which means that your promotional video gets a space in a post for at least 12 months (our guarantee).

Start a campaign and present your video you would like to embed in relevant blog posts as additional media content.

Set up a campaign on blogmission and introduce the video in its context and its objective to the publishers. As soon as you have found a site that fits your criteria, you just have to transmit your briefing and send the request. All payments are unique.

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