Content Marketing

Businesses are looking to implement long term marketing tactics in order to position and promote their brands and offerings in the long run. Many of the traditional online marketing methods like display or sponsored links are only effective when the campaign is up and running. Once the campaign ends, the effects of it are lost as well. Content marketing on the other hand is a long term marketing tactic, where businesses engage and connect with customers in a specific context. In the digital era, it is without undoubtedly the most effective one, because editorial content can also be accessed from mobile terminals, anytime.

Marketing through content - what does it actually mean?

Business websites often lay emphasis on hard selling and positioning of their products and services. It's not good enough to say that you are the best anymore, you should also show it, because this is what will make customers to trust you. Content Marketing is about showing that what you offer is the best for your customer through engaging useful contents. It is not directed toward hard selling, you just want to provide valuable information and / or entertainment to your prospects and customers through publications. This includes, for example, tips on how to make better use of one of your products. The customer will be thankful for these tips, advices or entertainment and share it on social media. Therefore, external links and referrals lead to natural search engine optimization and provides a valuable tool for intelligent link building.

Why Content Marketing?

Engagement, interaction and communication are the key to a successful content strategy. The first step of a content strategy is to connect with blogs from publishers who have what you want: influence, autority and leadership. A blog is like an online magazine on which the writer (blogger) publishes posts on a variety of topics because of his / her personal interests. These bloggers are somewhat different to traditional magazines because they deal with topics on a more personal level and address a whole lot of different topics. For that reason, it seems natural to try to reach out to them in order to ask them to talk about you. For example if you sell garden tools, you will try to place your offering in the context of a blog addressing this very topic.

Content Marketing objectives

A whole lot of opportunities arise from this marketing strategy. Through this communication process, many people who are not direct customers of your business will get exposed to your content and thus your brand. Journalists and other influencers will become aware of the fact that you are trying to get feedback in order to improve your interaction with your customers and adapt / improve your offering. They will write about it, participate in the ongoing interaction and actively participate in the (positive) buzz.