Benefits for Advertisers

Content marketing for agencies and advertising companies

At blogmission, you can easily access blogs that offer premium content services for all your products, brands and information.

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  • No blognetwork - only independent bloggers
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  • only verified, qualitative blogs and magazines
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Establish your own portfolio

Thanks to blogmission, you can build on a portfolio of trusted, qualitative blogs and online magazines and rely on it for your blog marketing initiatives. The better the quality of your content, the more engaging it is, published on blogs, the more you will feel the effects of your strategy in the blogosphere. You will be able to reach your target groups, opinion leaders and influencers more easily.


Bloggers apply to your campaign

Create a campaign in just a couple of minutes and start getting applications from bloggers. You set up all relevant requirements before a blogger can apply to your call for tender. Incoming applications can be filtered using various options in order to find the best choices.


Huge selection of checked blogs

blogmission marketplace offers a wide variety of quality blogs and online magazines that can be booked immediately. Using various filter options like keywords and categories for your suitable placement.

Video Marketing:

Integrate product and image films

Publish your product videos and corporate videos within relevant context. You will not only increase your promotional reach but also increase brand equity and brad awareness. Moreover, you can bring up your content within selected target groups. You only pay once for a release - the publications include all your links and contents. You do not have to pay any further cost per click. Only a free service would be cheaper!

Content creation:

Supply own texts or have them created

Be flexible and create your own content or choose your content from text articles written by bloggers. The content-manager will help you to manage all texts and pictures in advance. There is no need to upload your material for each booking. You can save all your media content in the content manager and forward it to the blogger.

Monitoring of your bookings

Through our booking monitor or interfaces for monitoring services, you can always track the current status of your bookings and intervene if necessary. In order to stay always informed.