Benefits for Publishers

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blogmission offers you editorial content for publication from agencies and companies against payment. You select, profit from attractive content and from the guaranteed payment of all bookings accepted by you.

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Market your content

As a publisher, you can provide your blog or online magazine simply and continually with high-quality unique content and market your online medium simply, efficiently and profitably.

The higher the quality of your blog is, the better the payment for attractive and added value content from advertisers.

  • Efficient and secure handling
  • Scheduled and guaranteed payments
  • Flexible pricing
  • only verified advertisers

Earn Money:

Fast, guaranteed and simple

In less than a minute, you are ready to earn money with your posts and blogs. Select your own pricing and choose to create your own text or get it delivered by the advertiser.


Find orders relevant to the topics

Advertisers will list attractive offers on blogmission, which you can apply to. Search for relevant offers and submit your blogs. No more time-consuming searches - you can start right away and pick the most interesting listings.


Enter blog and receive orders

Set up your own pricing in less than a minute and start marketing your blog. Classify your blog into categories without having your domain listed publicly. Advertisers will contact you after you have classified your blogs and set up your pricing. After a short while you will receive higher click rates from advertisers with less effort.

Transparent settlement and punctual payment

On blogmission, you can make the payment of your credit via PayPal or your bank account. blogmission guarantees you a payment after you have placed the order successfully, based on prepaids made by the advertiser. You do not need any invoices or negotiations - we will pay your money accurately and immediately.

Free choices - no obligations

You decide how many projects you will work on and which pricing you want to sell them. If you want to reject a booking request, there are no extra fees.

Set your own price

You will market your blog with your own pricing - all prices will remain transparent! Consequently, you will know immediately that there are no further rates. The advertiser will book the blog under your conditions. We will only profit from the pricing that you determine.

Create your own content or choose to receive content

You want your blog to remain individual? No problem - on blogmission, you either decide to create your own content or you choose to receive content - from categories - or both even. You have the control - it is your blog!

Privacy and domain safety

Your domain remains private until you successfully apply to one of the many listings available. blogmission assures high privacy regulations and thereby contributes to discreet exchanges.