Blog Merchandising

What is blog merchandising?

Bloggers have become influential opinion leaders within the huge blogosphere network and beyond. Due to their excellent network and connections, they are very sought-after partners for businesses wanting to connect with their audience through content marketing, all the more since they can easily spread it.

Content marketing through blogs (as paid media) offer several advantages. Obviously, there is the financial appeal. But this is not the only one. Sollicitation from outside (businesses) allow the blogger to get fresh ideas for content and address new aspects of specific topics. Through the collaboration of bloggers and advertisers, a co-creation of value takes place and both parties benefit from it.

The number of bloggers and blogs (publishers) has been increasing steadily and they act mainly independently within the blogosphere. This is what makes them so valuable, not only to businesses. But blogs generate costs (domains, content creation, servers, customization, trafic acquisition...) which have to be covered. Up until now, a central entity which allows bloggers to market their potential in a trustful and safe manner was missing. The uncoordinated structure of the blogosphere made it extremely difficult for businesses to rely on a trustful and effective process to reach out to those influencers. Picture a village without a central marketplace, in which merchants offer their products and services in different places and you never know where to find them.

blogmission wants to become this central marketplace of the blogosphere - a reliable place for successful business. Rules and guarantees ensure an efficient, smooth running process. Offers include advertorials, PR messages, infographics and in future much more. Bloggers decide themselves at which price they publish which content on their blogs.