Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing - The targeted channel

Influencer Marketing is advisable to communicate a message to target groups. Its proximity to the potential customers can be multiplied over the influencer. The trust given to him favored the action decision of the target group and ensures very high conversion.

What's Influencer Marketing? What are the benefits?

Basically, the Influencer marketing is based on the broad guidelines of referral marketing. An influential person recommends a product or service, which are the target group benefits. Through the expertise of a particular area of Influencer enjoys a great reputation. The threshold of future customers is therefore extremely low because they trust his opinion.

Why could Influencer Marketing is the right channel for you?

The influencer is perfect for its specialization in a particular subject area (furniture, fashion, consumer electronics, etc.) to place the desired advertising message to target groups. This creates podcasts, videos, blog posts and other content formats in which the product or service line is mentioned.

  • The followers of influencers rely on his opinion
  • The contents of Influencers are shared and geliked. This makes for a viral spread of the advertising message
  • The target audience can be very precisely defined and addressed in Influencer Marketing
  • Particularly high-priced products are easy to distribute over the influencer marketing, as the threshold decreases greatly
  • The direct reaction of readers, fans and followers on the product, can the success of an influencer marketing campaign very easily measure and optimize

Influencer Marketing as part of the online marketing mix

Instead of showing a banner to every visitor of a website and to take a large share of disinterest in buying, can be the future customers also address targeted by the Influencer informing them of a product, a service or a particular action.

The campaign achieved simultaneously a wide range, as fans share and recommend content of Influencers. This makes them even again to small influencers, which can achieve a high advertising effect.

Marketing can be done via the Influencer significantly more effective and authentic, as about the company itself. This potential should be used.